The 1920's was a memorable time in history for music, art, literature, economy, women, etc. In groups, you will be researching an assigned topic from the Roaring 20's. The categories include:

Art: The world of art had drastically changed during this time period. Research the style of art that was most popular and how it had changed. Who were some of the most influential artists of the time? Why did they make such an impression on art. How did the art reflect the time period?

Part 2: Who are some of the most popular artist from today. Why are they so popular? Then develop a research paper comparing and contrasting the art from then and now. Then, predict how the changes you notice will influence art in the future.

Music: What type of music was popular during the 1920's? What was expressed through music? How did the music reflect the time period? Why was this time period such an important time for music? Was there any popular dance moves? Who were some of the top musicians of the time? Why were they so popular?

Part 2: Think about popular music and dance today. How did the past impact the music and dance moves we use now? Predict the future of music and dance based on your research.

Literature: How did literature change during this time period? What were some of the popular authors of the Harlem Renaissance? What were some of the specific topics they focused on? Why?

Part 2: How did the literature of that time period impact today's literature?

Stock Market Crash: Research how the Stock Market Crash impacted people’s lives during 1929. What was the economy like prior to this time? What did the stock market crash lead to? How did this effect people?

Part 2: Research today’s economy. Do you notice differences and/or similarities in today economy compared to the Great Depression. Predict the economy in the future and describe how you developed such a prediction.

Film and Radio: Research the entertainment industry during the 20s. Describe the impact of film and radio during the 1920's. Who were some of the most popular entertainers during this time period? What made them so popular?

Part 2: After researching the beginning of film and radio, think about how far we have come in technology.Compare the entertainment from today to entertainment in the 20s? Describe how these entertainers impacted today’s performers?

Women and Society: During this time period, women had undergone a tremendous change in fashion and demeanor. Describe what is was like to be a woman during the 1920's. How is this such a dramatic change from before this time.

Part 2: Do you think the flappers impacted what and how women are today? Describe your opinion and support your opinion with research.

History-The Harlem Renaissance: What was the Harlem Renaissance? How was this important to the African American Community? Did the Harlem Renaissance change anything? Who was considered to be the voices of the time period? How did the Harlem Renaissance come about? How has this important time in history effected today’s society and how we live. What events have happened during your time period that will be considered an important time in history? Why?

Each group must complete each of the following four requirements:

Research: You will be creating a group research paper based on the information you found on your particular topic. Your research must be written with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be part of your grade.

This research paper is far from ordinary! You need to add video clips, audio clips, pictures, and graphs to support your research. What attracts a reader? What would make you want to read a website? Consider these questions when developing your research wiki space.

You must also include textual quotes to support your research paper. Remember that when you are researching, you must ALWAYS document where you have received the information (including photos). At the end of your wikis space you must have a section labeled “References”. To assist you in creating your reference page, please visit the website address citationmachine.net.

Source Requirements:Minimum of 6 internet sources per page. The websites, journals, or online magazines, must be credited sources.

Physical/ Movement: In a class period as long as ours, sometimes it is difficult to sit still! Get the class up and moving! Create a fun way to present your information to the class. Consider acting, media, auctions, dancing, games, etc..

Technology: With so much technology at our fingertips, experiment with a new and exciting way to present your material using digital stories, podcasts, photocasts, etc. I will compile a list of fun technology to use in your presentations.

Assessment: As teachers, our biggest concern is that our students understand the presented material. How will you assess the students to be sure that everyone has a clear understanding of the material? You must develop an assessment that you will give to the class. If copies need to be made of any materials, you must give them to me at least 3 days prior to your presentation.

We will be dedicating the next several weeks to work on this project in class. I have scheduled computer and media center times to conduct your research. You will also have the opportunity to rehearse your presentations in class. Although you will be given time, it is very important that you continue to work on this project outside of the classroom!

After you have researched your information, it is your job to teach it to the class! Often students complain that their classes are boring, so here is your chance!!! Make it FUN! Be CREATIVE! I will offer some recommendations, but please feel free to explore your own imagination. After your group has come up with an idea, please discuss it with me.