Bobby Demetriou

The roaring 20s was a source of inspiration for fashion designers. Most artists drew vintage cartoons. Antique prints of Art Deco fashion which were French designers. Antique prints of art deco beaches scenes, girl on the beaches, swimming, costumes, the seaside and the sea. Cupids are romantic images, they can be a bit mischievous or fun, these antiques prints are collected from the 20s-30s and they all feature cupids or little or little devils, doing their romantic work trying to get people together.

Rarely any cupids are in drawings these days. Most pictures either tell a story or either is just drawings of people at beaches, pools, parks etc. Not a lot of cartoon pictures are drawn now at days unless they are popular then artists will draw them and sell them. Some artists will draw about holidays.

They made such an impression on art because art was important back then to make the houses and apartments look nice. Art reflected the time period by the artists drawing pictures about World War 1 because World War 1 started in 1920.