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One of the most turbulent times in the united states of Americas history was the 1920's or otherwise known as the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age.
The most popular source of entertainment would be film and radio. The radio was the number one center of news and music. Film became extremely popular too. Anyone who could
afford to go would visit the movies. T
hey were not nearly as good as the films we have now but to the people in the 1920's, it was amazing and a load of fun.

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[Anna Robertson,Steve Garfinkel,Elizabeth , Professor John Sullivan]

The biggest genre of music around back then was Jazz. Big musicians like Louis Armstrong and Billy Holiday were all over the radio[Ma' ayan and Barbara].On November 20th 1920, the
first radio broadcast went on air. KYW was the very first specialized radio station[Anna Robertson,Steve Garfinkel,Elizabeth , Professor John Sullivan]. T
he first radio station in the
South was in March, made by WSB in Atlanta. In 1922, fiddling John Carson went on the radio as the first Country singer to go on air[Southern Music Network]. J
ust two years after the
first radio station went on air, there was at least 600 stations, with news and music. T
he first radio to be used was called the Crystal Radio. Advertisements that aired on the radio did not
come until the late 1920’s[Anna Robertson,Steve Garfinkel,Elizabeth , Professor John Sullivan].

Louie Armstrong
Louie Armstrong

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Cinema in the 1920’s was very different from what we have today. Back when it first came out in the early 1920’s, the movies were silent and colorless. That was until 1922, when the first
full-length, full colour movie was released. Four years later, W
arner Brothers wowed the country with the first movie to have color and sound. in 1927, Warner Bros. released a new movie,
The Jazz Singer, which was the first movie to have limited talking sequences.
in 1928, Warner Brothers made the first all talking movie, Lights of New York. As the decade came to a close,
Warner brothers wrapped it up with the first full colour, full talking movie, On With The Show.

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[Anna Robertson,Steve Garfinkel,Elizabeth , Professor John Sullivan]
The 1920's represented the era of the greatest output in the U.S movie market. In the Roaring Twenties the silent movies were often accompanied by live piano or organ.The first movie
theaters were known as ''Nickelodeons.'' In 1927 the first film with sound was called the ''Jazz Singer'' and starred Al Jolson, speaking and singing on screen.
With sound, the idea of the
musical appeared immediately. Also, in 1927 Hollywood became the center of movie making
in the U.S with 85% of movies being made either in or around Hollywood. The 5 biggest
producing companies in the U.S were RKO, 20th Century-Fox, Paramount pictures, Warner Brothers, and Loews (MGM). (1920s-30s)

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