Blues was big thing in the 1920s. The blues and jazz could have a lot of moods because people felt all different was about are some artists
Joe "King" Oliver,Louis Armstrong,Benny Goodman, Bessie Smith,Jelly Roll M.

Blues and jazz was a big thing in the 1920s. The Blues was like the hip hop of the 20s because all kinds people liked it just like hip hop. Jazz is musical art form which originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the southern U.S.and they loved it.Its early development until the present, jazz has also incorporated music from 19th and 20th century.And people loved it.(

The 20s was the Jazz age.Jazz was also one of the big things in the 1920s.Jazz is a type of good heart warming music with strong, sense rhythms.It was first played at the beginning of the 20th century by wonderful black musicians in New Orleans, Louisiana. jazz can make you happy. It is just one of the things that is just good. It can have all kinds of moods just like blues.The heart of Jazz was Harlem. "Some of the greatest jazz players in all of history got their start in the clubs of Kansas City" (Kansas City has All the Blues and all That Jazz).

external image Jelly_Roll%2520Morton.jpgJelly Roll Morton

external image louis-armstrong.jpg ,Louis Armstrong

external image king-oliver.jpg Joe King Oliver

external image BennyGoodman2.jpgBenny Goodman

external image Bessie_Smith2_8120691.jpgBessie Smith

There are a lot of good Jazz artists, like Joe "King Oliver, ,Benny Goodman, Bessie Smith,Jelly Roll M.
They are some of the best known of them all. Jazz is one of the oldest type of music around just like the Blues. Jazz really hit the top of the charts in the 1920s. It started on the west coast in the 1920s. People have said that Jazz is easy on the ears and easy to sing. "The music of New Orleans had a profound effect on the creation of early jazz" (Jazz). People found that Jazz was so easy to dace to. It still is so easy to dance to today.

Jazz and Blues have not changed since the 20s. Jazz is one of the most classical types of music there is in world. Here are some instruments of jazz;
Double Bass, Piano, Double Bass, and Guitar. They make a good sound together.You would like it.
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