350 points!

Research (Wikis)
  • Group member contributed to Wikis page
  • All research is paraphrased (written in your own words)
  • Research is properly documented throughout the text
  • There is a cumulative References page at the bottom of the Wikis Page
  • All research pertains to the topic given
  • Student stayed on task during their research
  • Student worked cooperatively with the rest of the group members
  • Student used the discussion tab to ask group members important questions
  • Student put in an equal amount of time and effort working on their page
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling is correct throughout the page.

100 points


  • The Wikis page includes embedded media, digital stories, podcasting, etc.
  • The technology was a proper reflection of the given topic
  • There is an explanation of why the technology used is important to the research
  • Technology is creative.

75 points

Lesson/Presentation Plan:
  • Detailed plan outlining the specifics of the presentation
  • The lesson plan must include: objective, procedure, and assessment
  • Script

50 points

Physical Movement /Presentation
  • The activity was creative and fun for the class
  • The activity reinforced the research found on the given topic
  • The class had an understanding of the purpose of the activity.
  • The group has clearly rehearsed their presentation
  • The group presented their material in a unique and creative way
  • Presentation had a flow (no pauses or confusion as to who is speaking next)
  • Each group member contributed to the presentation
  • Speaks clearly and distinctly at all times
  • Students were active during their presentation
  • Students were able to hook the rest of the class and engage them in their presentation

100 points


  • Group created an assessment to assure that all students understood the material presented
  • Group included an answer key with their assessment
  • Group was able to answer all questions from the class

25 points

300 points_
Total points

Teacher Comments: